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PUA Around The World

The doctors of Pediatric Urology Associates have shared their expertise throughout the world. Many of our surgeons have donated their time and skills to evaluate underserved children with complex urological issues.

As many of Dr. Edward Reda’s patients will tell you- he has a heart of gold. He has shared his commitment to volunteerism and underserved children in both the United States and abroad. He returns to Ghana yearly to operate at the army base there. He brings his expertise in complex hypospadias repairs and urethral strictures to children who have frequently already undergone multiple surgeries in the past.

Dr. Jordan Gitlin participates in a yearly medical mission to Guatemala with Healing the Children. While in Guatemala, the surgical team works with a local group known as Fundacion Pediatrica de Guatemala to provide pediatric urologic care and surgery to many underserved children. The group typically sees over 100 patients on their first day of clinic, and then performs 40-50 surgeries during the week.

Dr. Gitlin has been going on this mission, with the same group of doctors for the past 8 years. This allows the group the ability to maintain continuity of care. Many of the patients seen are very complex, with issues that have been present since infancy. However, due to the lack of services in Guatemala, many children are not able to be treated, and still suffer from these conditions even as older children and young adults.

This past year, Dr. Gitlin raised money while training for the NYC marathon to both purchase a new neonatal ventilator at Cohen Children’s Hospital, and to donate 2 neonatal ventilators to Gautemala. He is passionate about his work and care for the children of Guatemala.

When she is not practicing pediatric urology with Pediatric Urology Associates or spending time with her family, Dr. Lori Dyer’s next priority is her commitment to volunteerism. Dr. Dyer serves as the Treasurer and a Board Member of Children’s Health International Medical Expeditions. In addition, she raises money and supplies for the organization’s missions. She has recently traveled with CHIME (in conjunction with Healing the Children Northeast) to The Republic of Georgia and El Salvador. With the help of translators, the initial day of the trip includes a clinic where numerous surgical and non-surgical patients are screened and treated. During the rest of the mission she performs numerous complex reconstructive surgeries on children that would otherwise not have access to pediatric urologic care. Multiple medical students from the host country spend the week with Dr. Dyer to receive clinical and surgical instruction. Dr. Dyer is very proud that her husband Greg (who is not in medicine) has become very involved in CHIME and accompanies her as a volunteer on these trips.

Dr. Richard Schlussel has led numerous Surgical Missions around the world with Healing The Children and Our Children International. He has been the Trip Chief for Surgical Missions in the Dominican Republic, Armenia, Kenya and Ghana. On those missions, he has performed complex reconstructive surgeries on the bladder, kidneys and urethra. He has also led the teaching of surgeons in those countries so they can continue to treat children after the mission is over. Dr. Schlussel has also had children from overseas come for treatment of their congenital urologic abnormalities.